CityVille - this is another challenge for the builders of cities on a green field. Build a city according to your wishes, prosperous, economically and agriculturally with outrageously happy people. Quite common concept. However, the game is worth a try. The company Zynga has been responsible for some good social games.
What it takes to play this game at quality level? You have to completely take care of everything, because any move is money, experience and benefits elsewhere. The first component is the population. They naturally live in houses, so for the population increase is necessary to build a few homes. Basic home range is broader at higher level, which is true not only in the sphere of housing, but also decorations, business and social buildings.

The people are related to business and just as you provide livelihood to the families, give them the opportunity to realize their needs in a coffee shop, toy store and more. Various buildings, of course, are to produce money. The more buildings, the more money - and it pays off. Furthermore, the houses look nice and you can name them according to your imagination.

Social buildings are the biggest challenge. To begin to work and generate income must be included for all positions your friends or your neighbors also playing this game. Missing points can be added for special notes, but you think rightly, that there is a few free and otherwise you just have to buy them for real money. A benefit is you earn notes every second level.

Whether you're building or doing anything, can not do it without power. The total volume increases, and when you're on the bottom, just wait, ask a friend for help or visit the neighboring cities.

For the game doesn't start soon get boring (after all, it's really about building and you may get bored after a while), there are a few good features available. First of all, it's growing food. As your city grows and the population, demand for food is increasing and if this area is neglected, simply stay at a standstill, until the vegetables are grown enough. It may become dry, which will certainly not be pleasing.

Furthermore, at a certain level you unlock the train station. Relatively good way to get supplies if you are missing, or sell the surplus.

The part of everything are decorations. There are enough and the constant playing makes them more accessible. Usually they are useful objects, as in a house increase by a tenth of percent the financial gains.

Additionally, you can perform displayed tasks and your city naturally expands. What precipitated the game a bit as a whole is greater spam on your wall (although not necessarily need to publish anything, ever click on Skip is annoying) and the need for friends. I dare say that without a few neighbors at a later stage of the game won't very well succeed. Especially in urban sprawl.

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CityVille CityVille CityVille CityVille

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