Welcome hero! Step with us into the magical world of MMORPG Drakensang. Enjoy this review and find out what this huge fantasy brings to you.
Some really good F2P MMORPGs are hard to find. So we are always curious when something new appear. This time it’s called Drakensang Online from the quite well-known publisher Bigpoint. They will take you into a deep made fantasy world which is danger. The world is attacked by and ancient dragon filled with anger. With him many devilish monster arrive as well and they aren’t looking friendly at all. The fate of you world is in your hands. Just choose the right character and get fighting into Drakensnag.

You can choose between mage, knight, ranger or pyro-mechanical guy. The first two don’t really need some introduction. The mages are strong in magic and are able to cast pretty nasty spells, the knight is tougher guy with sword and shield. On the other hand Ranger isn’t so often used hero and in Drakensang they are more like forest druids great in bow control. The last hero is a dwarf with the skill of inventor and he is the only one with a gun, or you can create some great machines.

When you are over with choose the class you can get exploring almost all the huge world in this MMORPG. And believe me that there are many things to fight. If there is some other game that can be compared with Drakensang it would be Diablo. It’s clear that the authors were inspired by this legend. But that’s not bad at all and the game still brings something new. There are many tasks to get through and many more monster and loot. If you belong among the fans of this style you will be able to play this RPG for days without feeling any boredom.

Besides the storyline Drakensang is about PvP in arenas as well increasing the playability and replayability. Count in some great audio and visualization and you get clear result. Drakensang is really good MMORPG witch is worth of your time and trying. Some microtransactions may push you into spending some money but that almost normal at most of free to play games.



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Rinai | 30.01.15 pm31 12:33

I was playing this game for 2 years and so i can say this - if you played Last Chaos and you like it, you will also like this one. Only one thing I hate in games like this = money can make you really powerful in pvp. I spent hours of getting my pvp equip good enough to kill and survive 1v1 battles, but I knew a rich kid which was 3 days in-game and got better equip than me. (I was playing for almost year that time)


Drakensang Drakensang Drakensang Drakensang Drakensang

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