Asphalt Overdrive - popular racing series in a new shape 89 %

Asphalt Overdrive - popular racing series in a new shape 89 %

Adrenaline filled racing from Gameloft returns. The newest sequel called Asphalt Overdrive and it won’t be the typical racing fun as we know it. This time the police is behind you and you have to jmp and destroy stuff around as well. The game principles and area
The move from classic racing to endless-running fun is strong but you can visit California in 80s. Each level is with boundaries and limits so it’s not so endless. And it’s actually only good.
As you drive you have to avoid other cars or hit them. There are obstacles as well and jumps can be a nasty surprise. For collected points and accomplished task you get money and stars which are needed to progress. Monies are necessary for upgrading the vehicle or getting hands on a completely new one. The next level can be unlocked only if you have 1 of 3 stars at least. The boss needs more.

Game modes
The story is about 3 basic game modes where you progress and earn starts. One of them is Escape where you run from police in a bit heavy traffic. Then there is Destruction mode where you have to hit enough cars in the time limit and Stunt is all about jumps and tricks.
But this doesn’t mean you won’t get the jumps in the rest of the game, you just need to jump a bit. Events are next part of the game where you get certain vehicle or there is limited by time. Accomplishing them brings some more rewards.
Reaching for the best score is about mastering all the skills – drive fast, avoid and hit or jump to create combos and gain more points to get more stars.

Your car, your love
30 vehicles are available in the game and they come with the official license grouped into their performance group. Begin with the lowest grade and move through the game so you improve th cars and tune them.
The power can be improved in 3 areas – speed, acceleration and nitro. Generally speaking – to beat a boss in some part you need all the upgrades. And this costs a lot.
Some colors can be changed as well but only for real money and the authors promise some cool stickers in the future.

The graphics and how it moves
No disappointment here people. The car models look great and 3D world in the nitro moves gives you the speedy feeling.
However I had some small technical issues especially at the first race where the game doesn’t run smooth at all. Any break or different moments of day, the first race is always terrible. The rest of the game is ok so what you may not like as the last thing is the game energy but it refill quite fast.

Final result – 89 %
The last Asphalt game is not disappointment. It’s really cool that the authors went different path this time. The racing style isn’t so popular anymore and the best was achieved in Asphalt 8: Airborne. The graphcis keeps it standard and the number of vehicles works as a motivational system. Energy isn’t popular but normal.


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 04.10.2014

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