Bonus Android Games - part 69

Bonus Android Games - part 69

Another bonus is coming right now and we shall have a look at a pair of games with some music. Then there is a rocket needing some help in action and the closing piece is about creating words. Music Rock Hero – 73 %
There are many Guitar Hero games and this is one of them that has appeared in Google Play. The principles are very similar. You have to tap or press the right keys according colors in the right tempo according played song. The better timing and hit the more points are yours. Besides simple tapping action there are moments when you have to hold certain key for a longer time. It’s really nice that you can choose from three difficulty levels and choose any song you have. Music Rock Hero

Robot Dance Party – 86 %
This group of robots are raving in the sounds of party. Just begin by creating your robot and get moving. The trick is to press and tap the symbols in the right time. The icons have various characters so the right moves and tapping must occur. Sometimes you just need to simply tap or maybe hold it for longer time. The ending phase is a freestyle fun where you tap anywhere on the display and collct points needed for the progress. It’s because you can buy new things for the robot or improve the old ones. And, of course, you can face other players. The game looks pretty neat and you won’t get bored too quickly. Robot Dance Party

Battle of Airway – 71 %
Battle of Airway is a vertical shooter where you control a small rocket in the pursuit of destroying everything around. The enemies are really numerous and you will find it out from the beginning. The shooting is automatic so you only need to concentrate to moving and avoiding projectiles. It’s all about fast tempo and hardcore gameplay. The higher difficulty is almost immediately. Battle of Airway

Ruzzle Adventure – 84 %
The last game is a really good logic game with letters. In every level you have to use a limited number of moves and create the longest word possible, collect enough points or accomplish other missions. Sometimes you even have to get rid of obstacles, diamonds, wooden letter and more. The words are creating by moving finger in the right direction. This gives you enough freedom in the creation but it can become tricky if you search the next right letter. Ruzzle Adventure


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 29.09.2014

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