Bonus Android Games - part 72

Bonus Android Games - part 72

Try how well you can aim in a golf game then a rocket awaits you in an endless space. The next but not last game is for your brain and finisher offers a throne of a dungeon master and many heroes to be slain. Putt Golf – 70 %
Put Golf is a simple sports game where you give movement, power and direction to a golf ball trying to reach the hole. It won’t be so simple, especially with the wind. Choose from modes with three lives or with sudden death. For each successful hit you get points so if you are a competitive player then you will love this game. Putt Golf

Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run – 80 %
Become a smuggler in an universe. Move to sides and control your spaceship to accomplish every mission and different tasks as collecting coins and bonuses. Obstacles appear as asteroids, space rubbish and more stuff. You have only three lives and a very useful shield. With these upgradable bonuses this endless-runner is a bit better than the competition. The minus may be given for confusing moments. Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run

WICKED: The Game – 72 %
This one is a colorful game which will lead you into the world of Oz. The game is based on the very popular match-3 principle so you have to move objects and match them so you get three of the same kind. Mostly, you destroy desks to get a liquid through. You have limited number of moves and map where you can see the whole level. The whole feeling is a bit worse because loading between level is too long. Enjoy bonuses and power ups. WICKED: The Game

Welcome to the Dungeon - 82 %
Your home, a dungeon, is under attack of heroes and you must stop them. Use various demons belonging to various elements. Use the, combine them and watch their pros and cons against the heroes. The rewards for winning are money and experience. New characters and minions can be obtained for the money. There are 16 various levels on 4 islands and over 100 various demons. Welcome to the Dungeon


Dominik Wetter / Kacirek_Donald

Publikováno: 09.10.2014

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