Colors in the sky

Colors in the sky

Colors in the sky, it's apt name for a little game, where in essence is nothing more than a paint. Look around the playing area and outwit the groups of colored squares. Can you deal with orphans? And what if they occur in a multi-player game? Check out what you can do.

First you play with only two colors, red and gray. The aim is to eliminate all the squares of the area that lefts only the blue sky. Large enemies are isolated squares that are somehow separated from the others. We need to get rid of them. However, no direct route, you would lose points. Top, if you destroy a group that separates it.

After a little look around, are you ready for tweaks in the form of various missiles and bombs. Bombs in the form of a round will affect the surroundings. Circular. The ones that look like an arrow, also behave like an arrow, shoots horizontally and vertically in all directions and cancel a lot of squares to which you would otherwise have to contend with.

Finally, dye will be added next. The color is more, the game is harder. It is a pity that the authors did not play a bit more with graphics. To their credit, on the other hand, can be attributed to a tutorial that will explain everything in detail.

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Colors in the sky Colors in the sky Colors in the sky

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