Sea Cube

Sea Cube

Whomever haven't ever dreamed of journey to a sea coast, where you can dive and discover it's beauty? Accept this invitation to explore underwater world, swarming with colorful fishes. Let's play together and solve simple puzzles, which make your day brighter.
The game board consist of an ocean background and a game-play rectangle, where the action takes place. It is made of several squares with each having inside a fish. Usually you can find four species on the gaming board variously miss-arranged. Observe light brown squares. You have to make them blue.
How is it done? Put together fishes of the same species. It is vital to make at least trinity. If you succeed, the squares underneath become blue. This is how you get on, until the whole game-board isn't blue. Then you may go on to next level.
Pay attention to time limit. Each level must be completed within five minutes. Nice graphics and quality sound will please you. Shame is, that authors didn't take care of larger diversity of fish species, because those present quickly become boring to look at. From another side, the time interval is easy, so you can relax a bit during the gaming session.

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Sea Cube Sea Cube Sea Cube

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