Jelly Bombs

Jelly Bombs

If you need to relax and you like colors, then this game is specially for you. Come to an alien world of cubes and bombs and learn to identify most lethal one of the moment. Play Jelly Bombs.
At the start of the game you can choose a duel fight. Pick an opponent and wait for response. A solo game is entertaining as well.
In a game area there are lots of variously colored cubes. The colors are randomly distributed and your goal is to destroy the same colored groups. At first the game aids you and so it is easy to find large groups. Later when majority is cleared, there come bombs. It is nicely usable, if you know how. Best thing is to try it. Each bomb detonates only coupled with a cube of identical color.
There is a time limit. You can advance it, if you hit a clock, which sometimes appears. The game is well crafted, it is suited for children as well as adults in a search of relaxation. Some ambient sound and tutorial is present.

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Jelly Bombs Jelly Bombs Jelly Bombs

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