Magnets, how can I translate the name, are essentially the letters, of which you create a word. Of course, English. Can you cope with a limited number of letters and make as many words, how many a computer will require of you? Compare forces and publish your accomplishments on Face-book.
On the playing surface you will see several boxes, where the game lined up a few letters for you. Below them are the squares show the words that you have to create from them. Of course they are invisible, in short, it's only an empty square, and you have to substitute. Over time, the squares will reveal.

The disadvantage is the time limit, which is relatively short and time is running incredibly fast. So write as fast as you know and everything you can think of. Never mind that you will not use all the letters. In here is various number of squares you can fill a wide range of vocabulary, which in those letters can be put together.

Are the big nut, using all the letters, which are available, few people are under stress because of the time limit recall how we could put together the letters for us to use fully. But never mind, the goal is not to stress players, but to awaken in him adrenaline and joy of success.

After each level you will see how many points you have earned. The game also allows you to publish your success on Facebook bulletin board while you move on, where you already eagerly awaiting a new clusters of phonemes and vowels.

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Magnets Magnets Magnets

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