Skyward Tale

Skyward Tale

Skyward Tale is a match-3 game with balloons. Match the same colored balloons and progress into more and more tough challenge.
It’s a classic match-3 game where the main role belongs to various balloons. Besides the fact that these things come from the bottom, you can await classic and standard fun for this game style. Each level gives you certain task as destroying some objects, all clouds or get toys from the game area. As you play you need to think twice because the number of moves is limited. To create special balloon, he can destroy everything around, you need to match 4 or 5 baloons.

Don’t worry, power ups are here but without microtransaction you cannot use them. It’s ok, you can enjoy and beat the game without them. The number of plays is limited by lives but they refill and you don’t even need friends for this. It’s really nothing new but still good fun.

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Skyward Tale Skyward Tale Skyward Tale Skyward Tale Skyward Tale

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