Establish your own gang and become the best gangster in town. Lend yourself for dirty work, gather hard earned dollars, launder them trough the company clean as the word of God and then save them to the bank. Seek your lost friends and create a quality gangster family holding together under all circumstances.
Dark streets offer plenty of chances to earn some money, and so do not tarry for long. Initially, you'll never get important work, for that you have to earn some respect. Most missions do not need any special equipment, but in case you get a special task, go to armory, which besides guns, mauls and golf clubs does not store anything else.

Gangster's life requires a lot of vitality and energy. It is regularly renewed, but more challenging tasks will deplete it sooner than you might think. There are, therefore, two solutions. Calm and more patient people may go stretch legs a little, impatient behaviors may fire up the bank connection and transfer a small sum to buy the scarce product, just visit the section Bounties.

Work hard and money is on your account cheerfully added. Save it legally nicely into the bank, you can then withdraw from the account for necessary medical treatment, when you get into a fight with another gang of thugs.

Do not worry, once refreshed, you will surely pay them back even with interest, will you not? Although the future is uncertain, result of a fight is relatively easy to estimate. Just focus on the opponent's level and number of members in his family. If you are not comfortable with open battle, it may be much easier to withdraw out of the territory, however you get much less experience and no financial benefit.

Each increase in level means you get talents that can transform into greater power, agility, endurance and health. Maybe one day you get into the Most Wanted section, where appear only top-class bosses.

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