Hello Hero

Hello Hero

Defeat the evil with these heroes in a fast and quick RPG game.
Hello Hero is quite a speedy RPG action game where you put together 5 guys and get moving to some adventure in many levels and challenges. The guys move on their own and the combat system is automatic as well. You just set who and what skills should be used. There are hundreds of characters, some are good for close combat some are great healers, archers or mages.

To succeed you don’t only need the right combination of heroes but you need to upgrade them and give them some sweet equipment mostly found as loot. As you progress you gain experience and your heroes improve as well to get ready for some boss fights. Crafting and characters fusions are implemented as well.
After reaching certain level you will unlock arena, raids and PvP battles. All these things take some time and you have to get through the basics to gain enough exp points. It’s a bit slow and the energy gives some limitation as well.

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Hello Hero Hello Hero Hello Hero Hello Hero Hello Hero Hello Hero Hello Hero

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