World at War

World at War

What must be able to manage a colonel or general in the battle? They must group the soldiers to build a variety of objects, purchase combat vehicles of all kinds ... but certainly it is not enough. In this strategy, the war and missions are in the style of popular Mafia Wars.
You will develop on all fronts, or specialize in one area? Now that all decisions to you.

Once you enter this world of fighting, you will move mainly in four major components: missions, battles, units, buildings. Let's look briefly at each.

Missions are certain tasks of which you receive money, experience or special items. It is one of the main tasks of the game and gradually unlock more and more tasks with more money and more rewarding experience. Just click on the task and has already happily playing. For this event, however, you lose energy, so sooner or later forced pause occurs. That cancels only energy pack from friends, advancement to a higher level or waiting.

In battles you attack another player with that you can choose who you compete so much, or who confidently beat. In this section you come to some sort of health and stamina. Rewards are again experience and points.

When filling pocket so well, sometimes even alien money it is the question to what all you can invest. First, the combat troops on foot, armor, of air, naval. Build any number of them from all species. I am convinced that it will not get lost, in addition they are often prerequisites to the missions.

In addition the funding of buildings that produce more money again. So where you choose to invest? Options and pathways are several.

As for all kinds of building and tweaking, something similar could be said about your character. For points can improve attacking, defense, health, and the number of possible attacks.

If you have succumbed to the before mentioned the Mafia Wars title, or other similar alternatives, you'll enjoy today's game. Just would like to have more friends among the allies ...

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World at War World at War World at War World at War

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