Social Empires

Social Empires

One of the best social games that I had the honor to play on Facebook. Build your own kingdom, with everything that belongs to it. Take care of your people and find new and new possibilities for their use at home or in the field.
The goal is to build a prosperous kingdom and keep the trolls in the woods, or completely destroy. To be able to own truly amazing country, we need to start from scratch. Games will be based on farms and farmers who, you will get food. Everyone does need to feed people. During the game build a lot of residential houses as well as farms, mills, etc. Farmers will also be useful for a variety of works, such as the felling of timber, which is the second key activity.

Wood is a vital raw material for all construction. To build quickly, it pays to send villagers into the forests and harvest timber on a regular basis. The big advantage is that you do not have to wait too long, farmers are working quickly so you have a new batch in a snap. Of course, you will need the gold. It can be found all around. Yellow lumps are scattered as well as trees across the board.

Very fun to catch the sheep and cows that roam the world. To them, however, had good benefits, you should build a farm. Each type has its own special ranch, so you can not benefit from the cow, when you have built a farm for sheep.

The last and equally important activity will be war. Close to your kingdom abound trolls, who also have their retreat. During the game you will receive a variety of tasks, including their slaughter. Attention! Trolls are very strong and worth to send them outnumbered. For killing them you earn gold and experience. With each level then you will open up further possibilities of buildings, except residential homes so you can build for example, churches, etc.

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Social Empires Social Empires Social Empires Social Empires Social Empires

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