It’s face to face or face to war. Put on the army shoes, take a rifle and get fighting! Warface is an action MMOFPS game where you won’t be able to catch the breath. Let’s have a look at it in our review.
What really makes this game cool from the first moment is its graphics. It’s actually not so surprising because it runs on one of the most powerful engines – CryEngine 4. But to be honest the promo screen showed even more than what’s really in the game. Ok, but it’s still one of the best looking F2P games I have played.

Graphics is nice but is it enjoyable game with good gameplay? Luckily, Warface isn’t the game where the graphics is everything. The authors from Crytek really made balanced action where you cannot play crazy Rambo style but you have to rely on the other players. You can choose from four basic classes as soldier, sniper, medic or engineer. Each one has special skills and role. The medic is healer, soldier brings some ammo into the battles, sniper is the long distance killer and engineer can put down mines or replenish your armor. Just make a team of five and try to win some cooperative mission. There are six of them – the regular missions which is not so challenging and three skilled missions which offer some challenge even for experienced players. The missions respawn each day so don’t worry this gets boring.

I shouldn’t forget the good old versus mode, this one sends you to play against other players. The modes are more to old tradition – deathmatch, team deathmatch or capture the flag. Yes, classics which never get boring. In the style of Warface they turn into frenetic action entertaining for hours. It’s good to have fast respawns.

Gaining experience and F2P system isn’t surprising as well. The players progress in their classes to unlock new weapons or improve their skills. Equipment as weapons, grenades or new armor can be found in the shop for the virtual currency made gained in the successful missions. Quiet often a special event takes place to multiply the experience or money so you can obtain some more rare pieces. But most of the rare toys can be only for real money.

The fact is that Warface isn’t really pay to win game. There is no need to waste your last rent coins to have fun. Warface is about long lasting fun with only basic equipment. Don’t miss the game.



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Rinai | 30.01.15 pm31 12:44

+ Coop mode, great graphic, free to play - money can buy you everything here, sometimes missions are too hard for players without some special equip - special i mean bought for real money


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