Horse Saga

Horse Saga

Horses are probably the most beautiful creatures in the world. At least that's a lot of people think. If you tend also to these noble creatures, you can virtually take care of them. Scrub them, train them and feed them. You can have how many horses you want, Just make your pick.
First, choose a horse, initially worth nearly all the same. And they will need your intensive care. On the left of the screen is panel of the basic needs of a horse. Specifically, food and water and it is important if the horse is happy or less happy, then you will deal with energy, purity and skill.

In each level you have a specific number of points that can be shared among these needs. Yourself know where you push shoe line under the relevant needs. If you see green values, you can let this be and pursue those that go into the red.

How to get to higher levels? Well, the game will keep you assign tasks such as sharpening skills of most horses. So you'll have to wait before you make up points to spend, so you can focus on precisely that task. However, be sure to monitor your financial situation. Even if you do not distress poverty for the big spending won't work. Keep in mind that even if you bought like another horse, you must also ensure his box and needs, etc.

This pun takes long time, do not expect that you play it once and then let it be because of that you did not have the right experience. It is important to the horse to mature and tweak it to the global level. Of course, the results show off to your friends. Every success, be it a new level or the task can be published on the notice board.

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candancer21 | 12.09.16 am30 05:41

you can not download this since facebook has removed it? im confused. it was a great game


Horse Saga Horse Saga Horse Saga

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